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Remove FRP Lock for Any Samsung Phones (5.1 and 6.0.1)

  1. Bypass google phone verification ,has been success for all samsung mobile till October 2016. Remove google account 2016 edition, delete frp lock. bypass google account, remove google account, bypass frp lock.Bypass FRP samsung s7 edge How to bypass Google Account protection?  How to remove factory reset protection?  How to active your phone when you forgot the Google password?  How to bypass FRP? How to remove Google Protection?


remove Google account a5 2016 frp lock About nine months ago, Kamran Saif managed to bypass the factory reset protection (FRP) on Samsung devices simply by inserting an OTG drive into the phone and installing an app. Then, two months later, he found a vulnerability on LG phones;

this time, he circumvented FRP by using talkback settings to open a browser, downloading an APK that opened settings, adding a new user, switching back to the main account, and then resetting without FRP. However, this new exploit for Samsung phones might be the most ingenious yet. Bypass google phone verification, all samsung cell phone

It’s possible that you need to bypass it for some legitimate reason (maybe you bought someone else’s phone and they forgot to remove FRP before handing it over to you), though. Whatever the case may be, Bypass google phone verification, all samsung cell phone

All Samsung account  bypass Download are Absolutely Free

Step 1

Download All

Quick Shortcut Maker

RealTerm: Serial/TCP Download
google account manager 6xx (for android 6 to 6.x.x)
google account manager 5xx (for android 5 to 5.x.x)

Step 2

Install RealTerm to Your PC

Step 3

google account manager and Quick Shortcut Maker copy to Your Memory Card/OTG

then  put Memory /OTG and Working sim card in Phone

Power On Your Phone  Connect Your wifi then go to activation screen

step 4

connect phone to your PC

check COM port


Step 5

Open RealTerm Select Your COM Port

Step 6

Go to sent Option From RealTerm then type this Commend at+creg?\r\n then click SendASCII now coming a OK message 


then atd1234;\r\n

Step 7

again type next Commend like this atd(here your sim Costumer care Number);\r\n For example atd123;\r\n 123 is idea Costumer care Number 

insert commend and click SendASCII

now going a out going call from ur phone 

Step 8

Open internet browser via internet App then go to Bookmarks Open Download History Touch Home 

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